Brand Identity and Logo Design

Our Brand Identity package can help give your new or existing business its distinctive persona with a unique logo and brand feel that will help you to stand out from the crowd. The package includes logo, business card, letterhead and email signature design.


Step 1


We send you at least 4 separate initial designs based on our briefing from you and a short questionnaire you'll need to fill in to help us understand what you want your brand to say.

1st Mockup

Step 2

1st Revision

We will use your feedback from our initial mockups to shortlist the designs and allow you to decide colour direction. Note: We may recommend restricting the variety of colours and fonts to ensure the design stays classy.

1st Rev Mockup

Step 3

2nd Revision

At this point we would have narrowed things down to one design, we will use your feedback to help you fine tune colours and styles.

2nd Rev Mockups Final

Step 4

3rd Revision (last free revision)

Now we fine tune the finer details. In this case the "(Pty) Ltd" was added to the end of the company name. We now have the final logo!

3nd Rev FINAL

Stationery & Brand Colours

Once we have your logo, we now have a direction for your stationery and website colours and design, which we will also design for you as part of the brand design package. At this stage we will decide the designs, any revisions will have additional charges based on the time required to do them (we are transparent with our pricing and will quote you before going ahead with any changes so you know why you are paying for).

Phase to Phase - A4 Letterhead - Type B [Modern] Phase to Phase - A4 Letterhead - Type B [Modern] Example Text
Phase to Phase - Business Card 90x50mm - FRONT Phase to Phase - Business Card 90x50mm - Daniel

Website Design Uniformity

We will also match your website design to your brands identity, ensuring there is a pleasant and recognisable uniformity that is carried across.

Phase to Phase

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